Business verbouwing

DIBO-BOUW is very experienced in business renovations. Our experience ranges from renovations, various retail renovations (shops, bars and coffee shops), construction projects at healthcare institutions and the renovation of several offices.

Realization and Planning

By realizing these projects, we know exactly what is expected of us with this type of renovation. Working according to a tight schedule and with minimal disruption is essential. We know how to satisfy our clients in every business renovation. For example, the renovation of a store always has to be done within a short period of time. Then the store can open quickly and our client can start using his store in no time.

Attention to detail

We not only deliver punctual and tightly planned renovations, but also ensure a high-quality finish, a smooth construction project and do this for a competitive price.

In 5 steps to your dream

Simple, transparent and quality!

Step 1

Notify us of your plans

Step 2

We make a custom calculation

Step 3

We make a plan and discuss the start date

Step 4

After approval we get to work

Step 5

Delivery and checking